How To Burn 3000 Calories A Day With Recumbent Bike


Staying fit is no easy task, and things get quite a bit harder when your weight goes above the average. In theory, to lose 1 kilogram of fat you need to burn approximately 7000 calories, which is equivalent to 11 of your everyday meals! You can find out more about the total calories you need to burn to lose weight right here.

When attempting to lose weight, most people opt for a strict diet, which has always been a very controversial method. Sure, your weight will be reduced quickly, but they all usually come back when you revert to your normal eating pattern, and the risk of heart diseases, losing muscles, and many other negative side effects are just not worth it.

In this article, I shall present you with a much safer and more efficient alternative: the recumbent bike. Learn how to burn 3000 calories a day with recumbent bike now.

Why is a recumbent bike suitable for exercising?

How To Burn 3000 Calories A Day With Recumbent Bike

 A recumbent bike variant (Photo credit: eleda 1 via CC BY)

Unlike its traditional counterparts, the recumbent bike (or bicycle) places the user in a laid-back reclining position, supporting his or her back and buttocks. It helps distribute the riderÔÇÖs weight over a larger area, allowing you to ride much more comfortably and for much longer periods of time.

There are two main recumbent bike variants: regular ones used for transportation and exercising alike, and the stationary variant used mainly for indoor workouts. In this article I shall focus on the latter variant, as it is no doubt the superior method of losing weight, letting you exercise inside the safety and comfort of your home.

Most stationary models also include a heart rate monitor, fans or even Bluetooth, and it makes exercising more of an entertainment activity than a daily task.

Stationary recumbent bikes are a common sight at most gyms

Burning calories with a recumbent bike: A step by step guide

Choosing a workout that suits you well is very important. An appropriate workout not only improves the recumbent bikeÔÇÖs efficiency but also reduces the risk of injury. No need for a costly gym instructor, you can ÔÇ£work-outÔÇØ a schedule of your own by doing the following steps:

Step 1. Find a suitable bike model

The recumbent bike is a perfect choice if you have back problems or tire out quickly, as it is considered to be quite a low-impact exercising equipment. But if you have serious issues with your knees, you should stay away from one.

There are various models of the recumbent bike on the market with different designs and features as well as price ranges, so check out some of our suggestions below.

Step 2. Adjust the seat

As you will be exercising on the bike for long periods of time, it is never redundant to readjust the seat to your most comfortable position. You should be able to stretch your legs while using the pedals fully. You should also try to get used to the pedal resistance and the incline present on the machine.

Step 3. Have a progressive workout schedule

During your first few weeks on the recumbent bike, you should cycle with low resistance and try to relax. The low-impact nature of the recumbent bike means you might have to spend quite a great deal of time with it if you want to burn more calories, and this can put people off at first.

You can always read try reading a book or using your phone if you have difficulty staying on the bike for long periods of time. Once you have are familiar with the bike, increase your pedal resistance every week. However, donÔÇÖt let the increased amount stress you, and it doesnÔÇÖt cause muscle soreness.

Another important thing to remember is to maintain a diversified workout. For example, with each session, you can cycle between speed cycling and endurance cycling. It can help increase your fitness level by quite a huge margin, and also prevents yourself from being too stressed out doing the same activity over and over.

Step 4. Set out goals

You can set weekly or monthly goals, such as cycling for 14 hours per week or a daily dose of 30 minutes on the highest resistance. These goals help you feel more motivated as well as focused on the task of staying fit.


The recumbent bike is without a doubt, one of the safest and most efficient workout device available on the market, provided you have the time and motivation for it. If you are interested in one, be sure to follow our guide about how to burn 3000 calories a day with recumbent bike for maximum effect!

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