How to choose bike size for your 3-year-old kid?

Whether your child will feel comfortable to ride the bike is an important factor when youÔÇÖre shopping for a kid bike. For example, too small a bike will make him cramped and may even bring him embarrassment when he sits on it. If it is too large, he may fear that the bike is beyond his control. Follow general guidelines below, I think you will find it easier to know what size bike for a 3-year-old.

How to choose bike size for your 3-year-old kid?
What size bike for a 3-year-old

To understand the way bikes for kids are defined and measured, just take a look at the sizing table below. Then youÔÇÖll find out what to look for in a bike for your child.┬á You should note one important thing ÔÇô measurements of kidsÔÇÖ bikes here are the tireÔÇÖs outside diameter. In contrast, adult bikes are measured using the frame size.

Guide to Kid’s Bike Sizes
Age Child’s Height Tire Diameter (outside)
Age 2 ÔÇô 5 26 – 34 inches 12 inches
Age 4 ÔÇô 8 34 – 42 inches 16 inches
Age 6 ÔÇô 9 42 – 48 inches 18 inches
Age 8 – 12 48 – 56 inches 20 inches
Youth 56 – 62 inches 24 inches

If you want to determine the bikeÔÇÖs size that best suits your child, then you can also use this table. Using the inside leg length, it proves very useful and accurate.

Wheel  Size Age Inseam Inseam
12ÔÇ│ 2-3 14-17ÔÇ▓ 35-42 cm
14ÔÇ│ 3-4 16-20ÔÇ▓ 40-50 cm
16ÔÇ│ 4-5 18-22ÔÇ▓ 45-55 cm
20ÔÇ│ 5-8 22-25ÔÇ▓ 55-63 cm
24ÔÇ│ 8-11 24-28ÔÇ▓ 60-72 cm
26ÔÇ│ 11+ 26+ÔÇÖ 70+ cm

Height charts are not the only deciding factor when selecting a kidÔÇÖs bike

To pick the right size bike, you shouldn’t completely resort to height charts. Rather than a means to an end, these sizing charts are just a starting point to help you generally know what you should look for in your kid bike.

How to choose bike size for your 3-year-old kid?

Bike size for your 3-year-old kid? – Source img

If you visit a local bike shop, just turn around and leave when the salesperson there sticks to using height charts only. Let your kid test out his bike and you stand observing whether he is able to steer easily and control the bike well. I think that works best by far. Beside the overall height, other factors are also at work. The proportions of your child’s body, as well as his riding disposition, should be well considered too.
Why do some kidsÔÇÖ bikes seem to have the same weight as my own bike?

Luckily, that is not necessarily the case any longer. These days, it is common that many bike manufacturers offer lightweight bikes of decent value for your kids.

This is a fact worth noting because when it comes to proportion, the wheel base being smaller means it is more difficult to pedal a kid’s bike than an adult bike. Thus, try to buy a bike as lightweight as possible.

The importance of getting the right fit

How to choose bike size for your 3-year-old kid?

Bike for your 3-year-old kid? – Source img

Just refer to the sizing chart then exactly pick out a bike size like some might advise? No, choosing the right bike for your kid is not that simple. However useful charts and guides are, the most useful way of all is to watch your child actually try out a bike. The bike has to fit the kid and no vice versa.

Safety is of paramount importance. For that reason, never should you buy too large a bike for your kid, hoping that someday he/she will soon grow into it.

The bikeÔÇÖs height should be enough for your child to straddle the middle of it, in such a way that on either bikeÔÇÖs side, his/her feet are flat on the ground with a good clearance of 1 or 2 inches. Never buy a bike that forces your kids to lean over in order to touch the ground.

ItÔÇÖs also important that children donÔÇÖt have to be overstretched when they steer the turning arc of the handlebars to its highest angles. Unlike older children or adults who often use the balance to steer at a corner or a turn, younger kids are inclined to turn the handlebars to a sweeping motion more often.

Final thought

Through this article, you easily know what size bike for a 3-year-old. If you let your kid start riding at a young age, he will get more confident with a bike later in life.

A Recumbent Exercise Bike is a great starting point for your kid to set out on his upcoming riding voyage. It proves to be an excellent cruiser for kids with balance-related problems. Also, it is a wonderful way to do healthy exercise during a ride full of joys.