How to repaint your Bike like a PRO


Used bikes are rarely in perfect condition, they are either cosmetically or mechanically. For mechanical issues, components can be replaced. However, the cosmetics are entirely different problems. Learning how to repaint your bike at home can save you a lot of money.

How to repaint your bike at home in 5 steps

Step 1: Getting ready

Here is what you need to repaint a bike:

  • Sand paper for removing scuffing and rust
  • Tools: wrenches, screwdrivers
  • Primer spray paint
  • Paint
  • Clear coat
  • Wire or cable
  • Gloves, goggles and a mask

Step 2: Disassemble Bike

How to repaint your bike like a pro

How to repaint your bike like a pro – Via:

First of all, you take the whole bicycle apart and put away all the pieces that not be painted. Remember to put everything in place, you can use Ziploc bag for everything that is intricate like screws. It always helps to take detailed photos before you take off the bike because it is really useful when you need put all the parts back together. This is also a perfect time to take your bike to the shop for any parts that need replacement.

Step 3: Remove the old paint

How to repaint your bike like a pro

How to repaint your bike like a pro – Via:

In order for your new coat of paint to last, you will need to sand all the old paint off the frame or any rust left. However, you need to clean the frame and fork with a solvent to remove dirt and grease before you sand.

Next, you need to use several sheets of sandpaper in different grits such as 400 or 600 and start sanding the parts you want to paint. Your aim is to have a clean surface which the next layer of paint can adhere to. Be prepared to spend hours of extreme focus and effort to get the job done nicely. Remove every bit of paint from the bike or it will cause an uneven paint job later.

Step 4: Hang and Prime

Before painting, you might need to find a dust free place. You donÔÇÖt want dust to be just floating in the air, land on the bike and ruin your work. Additionally, you will need a strong cable to hang your bike up in order for you to easily paint the entire bike in one go.

How to repaint your bike like a pro

How to repaint your bike like a pro – Via:

Then, you will have to prime first to prevent and stop rusting and corrosion and it will keep the paint on longer. You can find a good rusty metal primer from a local store. Read the instruction carefully and remember to turn on the fan while you are working. Paint fumes are toxic and a fan is a must.

You also need to wear goggles, a mask and gloves. It is not good to have paint get into your eyes or on your skin. Always shake the can of primer from 2 to 3 minutes before use and continue to shake between sprays. Once you had the primer on, let it set for at least 24 hours.

Step 5: Paint

Finally, you paint with a spray paint. You might want to start at bottom bracket area and the joints first because they are the easiest to get runs and hardest to paint. If you screw up, it will be easy to start over. Redoing an entire frame is another thing.

How to repaint your bike like a pro

How to repaint your bike like a pro – Via:

DonÔÇÖt over spray. You need to hold spray about 20 centimeters away from the part you are painting and slightly sweep up and down. You donÔÇÖt have to cover your entire bike in the first coat. Wait about 15 minutes at least between coats and doing multiple coats helps the paint bond to the metal better.

Let it set again for at least 24 hours and put the clear coat on for an added protection. Finally, put it back together and you are done.


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