What to look for in a good recumbent bike?

There are many ways to get your body working out and biking is one of the most popular. You can ride a bicycle, hit road and enjoy the view while exercising or you can do it right at home if you are on a tight schedule. There are two types of exercise bike: a regular stationary and a recumbent one. In this article, we will delve deeper into the latter and give you some advice on how to buy one.

What to look for in a good recumbent bike?

What to look for in a good recumbent bike? – Wikipedia.org

Firstly, a brief explanation: A recumbent bike is a bike with back support which is very suitable for those with backache or other back problems.

1/ Display

You should look for user-friendly display, i.e. you can understand which button does what without having to read the instruction over and over again. A good display will indicate your heart rate, how many calories you have burned, how fast you go, revolutions per minute and other details. This will help you know your current effort and progress so that you know what needs improving.

2/ Programming

If you are on a training regime, you should choose something that will allow you to exercise according to your fitness level. This means that it has workouts suitable for your heart rate and take into account your age, weight and gender. With this, you will not feel overwhelming during training and will more likely to stick to your program.

3/ Resistance

As your fitness level increase, you will need to increase the resistance level to make it more suitable to your level. Therefore, you should look for machine with many modes or difficulties of workout.

4/ Safety

Because of its moving parts, this type of exercise bike can be dangerous for you and especially children. Therefore, follow the safety directions and make sure that the bike is locked when not in use. If it does not have safety lock, purchase it or keep it away from the child. While it is in full swing, tell your child in advance not to come close to you.

5/ Size

Depend on how much space you have at home and how big your body is, choose the bike accordingly. You definitely donÔÇÖt want this equipment to occupy your entire room. As for the correct size for your body, test the bike personally to ensure that you are comfortable with it, i.e. a comfy seat and pedals.

6/ Price

One of the most important factors of all this. The more you pay for something, the better the quality usually is. However, there are a lot of recumbent bikes for sales at a bargain price. Just remember to put your negotiation skill into practice and who knows, you might get a bonus or two.

Remember as well to ask for additional costs (if any). You donÔÇÖt want to end up paying more than you expected because of a cunning marketing trick. Those were my tips for you. I wish you luck on purchasing a bike that will suit your need.