How Much Does The Total Gym Cost: Should You Try It?

As one of the most popular martial artists, Chuck Norris needs to be healthy and fit, especially physically. With this, there is no doubt that many people are interested in knowing his workout routines, and consequently, doing the same thing that he does. One of his secrets is Total Gym. For almost three decades, he has been using such and it proved to be nothing but effective. Interested in owning the same piece of exercise equipment? Want to know how much does Total Gym cost? Keep on reading the rest of this post and we will be sharing with you some valuable insights that are sure to be useful in more ways than one.

how much does Total Gym cost

How Much Does Total Gym Cost

If you are wondering about the cost, the first thing that you need to do is to consider which among the home gym systems will be chosen. Here are the options that you will have, their features, and more importantly, their corresponding costs:

  • Total Gym Supreme: From the website of the company, it has a regular price of $529.75, which already includes free shipping, although there are some restrictions with regards to the areas that are covered by such. With this system, you can do almost 60 different exercises and you will be able to choose from 12 levels of resistance. The maximum weight capacity is 275 pounds. It can be folded and there is no assembly required. It is ready to be used once it is taken out of the box. There are also five DVDs that are included, providing you with a step-by-step guide on some of the workouts that can be done with the use of such equipment. There is a lifetime warranty on frame and one year warranty on parts.
  • Total Gym XLS: The regular selling price is $1,999, but from the companyÔÇÖs website, you can enjoy significant discount and have it purchased for only $799.60. With this equipment, you can already perform more than 80 exercises and its resistance can be adjusted in 6 different levels. The maximum weight capacity is 400 pounds. There are five DVDs that are included. The manufacturer provides lifetime warranty on its frame and six months warranty for its components.
  • Total Gym Fit: The price of this equipment is $1,571, which is already discounted from the original price of $2,344.90. With the use of this, you can explore more than 85 different workout routines and adjust the resistance in 12 different levels. The maximum user weight that it can support is 450 pounds. There are 6 DVDs that are included. The warranty on the frame lasts for a lifetime while the warranty on the parts is two years.
  • Totally Gym GTS: This has a price tag of $3,795, which is the most expensive from their product line. Given its price, there is no doubt that this is dubbed as the companyÔÇÖs elite model. You can use it in multiple ways as there are more than 200 routines that can be performed when exercising using this product. There are 22 levels of resistance and it has a generous weight capacity of 650 pounds. There is only one DVD that is included in the packaging. The warranty on the frame lasts for 5 years, one years for parts and upholstery, and 90 days for the foam and rubber.

Regardless of the Total Gym fitness equipment that you will choose, for sure, there will be no regrets. The mere fact that it has been used by Chuck Norris is more than enough reason to have it considered. The following are other things that can possibly convince you:

  • All of the products can be used in multiple ways, allowing you to perform different exercises at the comfort of your own place.
  • You can easily adjust the intensity based on what you are most comfortable with.
  • They are made from premium materials, guaranteeing its ability to last long.
  • The price may be expensive at first look. But when you calculate gym memberships, as well as the costs of going there, Total Gym can indeed provide the best value for money.
  • Total Gym fitness equipment is also convenient. Most of them are pre-assembled. You do not need any tool to complete their installation.

Be fit like Chuck Norris. Now is the time to take Total Gym to the test. If you are still skeptical if it will indeed prove to be effective, there is no other way to prove that you are wrong than to give it a try. Eventually, you will be seeing the results. It does not matter how much does Total Gym cost. The more important thing is the fact that it is indeed effective and that it will be instrumental towards the achievement of your health and fitness goals.