Things to keep in mind when buying an exercise bike

Riding a bike is a great way to get back into shape or to increase your level of fitness. However, not everyone can afford to hit the road on a bicycle because of the lack of time, pollution, or other reasons. However, they can still have that similar feeling using a stationary bike. With hundreds of brands and models currently on the market, buying a suitable one for you might not be a walk in a park. Hence, in this article we will give you some information to keep in mind when buying this exercise equipment.

1/ Fitness goal

For hardcore cyclist indoor cycling or a spinning bike is the way to go because it is very similar to riding an actual bike. They are also great in enhancing your strength, stamina and overall health. This is not universally applicable, i.e. not for everyone. Unless cycling is your passion, donÔÇÖt go with this.

Things to keep in mind when buying an exercise bike -

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For people trying to shed some pounds, you will need something that provides you with all the necessary information to help you lose weight effectively. That is because in order to lose weight, you need to shed fat and that can only happen at a specific range of heart rate. Therefore, you will need a heart rate monitor to keep track of your performance.

2/ Comfort level

For people with special medical condition like backache, riding an upright bike is like adding fuel to fire. What they need is a recumbent bike which offers reclined seat and back support, giving the user maximum comfort.

If you prefer sitting in an upright position to train your back as well as your strength, getting an upright bike is a very good idea. The seats are much wider and padded for extra comfort.

3/ Motivation

If you are easily demotivated, you would need something that can give you a wide variety of challenge. There are some that have a wide range of preset exercises for many levels which allows you to push yourself to the limit. Then there are some that function like a video games player which allows you to lose weight while enjoying your game. Find out what keeps you interested and ask the store if they have it built in or not.

4/ Price

The more money you pay, the better the bike usually is and the more toys it will have. However, if you are already motivated to exercise, buying the best recumbent bike on the market is not needed. Find out what you need and how much money you have so that you donÔÇÖt overspend on this machine.

5/ Size

If your available space is not so big, you can choose to buy folding bike. As the name says, you can fold and put it away when you donÔÇÖt use it, which saves you some extra space. If you have lots of free space, anything sturdy and reliable will suit you. This can range from a recumbent bike, a non-folding, an upright bike with fixed frame to even a spinning bike.

That was it from me. We hope that you will be successful in buying this device with the most reasonable price. Good luck